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Take the Hunter/Farmer Diet Quiz

Please take the following quiz that highlights the differences between Hunters and Farmers. Here’s how it works: For each trait, click on the closest response for you from either the Hunter column or the Farmer column. If you don’t know the answer to the question, or it doesn’t apply, you can skip it. The more responses you’re able to complete, the more accurate your result will be.

When you’re finished, your result will display just below the table. Let’s get started!

When I gain weight, it seems to go mostly to my:
belly and/or chest
hips, thighs, buttocks skip
My hips and buttocks are best described as: narrow and flat wide and rounded skip
My thighs are best described as: relatively thin thick skip
In a pool, I tend to float most like a: jellyfish, with my legs hanging down in the water surfboard, with my legs out straight skip
I have a substantial amount of cellulite: not really yes skip
My appetite: i don’t get hungry that often i am hungry often skip
My birth weight was: less than seven pounds seven pounds or more skip
How I feel about sweets: i crave them i could take them or leave them skip
If I have a drink of alcohol, the next thing I’ll probably want is: another drink something to eat skip
My HDL (“good”) cholesterol level is: low, should be higher good; just right skip
My blood sugar (glucose)*: 100 or over below 100 skip
My triglycerides*: over 150, fasting below 150 skip
My A1c level*: over 6 percent 6 percent or less skip
My C-reactive protein level*: over 2 mg/l 2 mg/l or less skip
I have experienced symptoms of hypoglycemia**: not often yes, often skip
Health conditions I’ve had or are prevalent in my family: cardiovascular diseases: heart disease, stroke, and diabetes cancer skip
I am more likely to get pain in my: back hips skip
My blood pressure tends to run: borderline high or high low skip

reset quiz



Find the right diet for you in The Hunter/Farmer Diet Solution (Hay House/April 2012)!

*Without medications (if you are already on medi- cations for cholesterol, triglycerides, blood sugar, or in- flammation, your numbers may not apply). You may use blood-test results from before you started on medications, if those are available.

**Hypoglycemia, or low blood sugar, causes symptoms of irritability, weakness, queasiness, lightheadedness or diz- ziness, and perspiration.

Note: Most people will have a majority of factors in one column or the other. It’s possible to have an even split, although not likely, as these traits track together. An even amount of both means a perfect blend of Hunter/Farmer traits, in which case you’ll have to eat meals from both plans. But again, very few people will have an even score, especially if you’re able to respond to all of the questions.